Its not about what goes into our food, its what you get out of it.

In 2011, Chef Andrew Ruga and David Osterweil began with a single store in South Tampa, but it started with a bigger idea give people the energy to be awesome and do more with their lives.

Time is the most precious commodity that we have. How much time we have to live our lives, how much time we have to spend with our families, how much time we have to get things done at work and home, and dont forget about a little bit of that left over for yourself its all on a clock. And this is one of the main reasons why I started Fitlife Foods.

Commuting, running errands, personal & kids appointments all take away time out of daily lives, so why not minimize the hassles? The daily grind of shopping, cooking & cleaning that go into making meals from scratch can easily be sidestepped, but usually at the cost of poor nutrition. But why? Why cant all-natural, healthy meals be delicious AND convenient as fast food?

At Fitlife Foods, we take pride in creating powerfully good, fresh, made-from-scratch, deliciously prepared meals to power our customer to perform at their best. We developed 39 original sauces and 13 different spice blends to give our meals holy #!$%@ flavor. And with more than 60 different items, there is a ton to choose from. Whether youre craving tacos, meatloaf, mac n cheese, chocolate chip cookies, enchiladas or miso salmon, weve got you covered. And all of those great flavors are ready to enjoy, so theres no cook time and no clean up just delicious, 100% all-natural awesomeness to help you feel like a champ.